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SPONF Could Rack Up Triple Digit Gains Again as the Company Begins To Climb as Market Activity Multiplies!

SponsorsOne, Inc.

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My last alert Gained Over 20% in a matter of hours…

… But that could mean peanuts when compared to SPONF and the ASTRONOMICAL Profits that could be had in today’s session!

Today’s alert is focused on a segment of the multi-billion dollar beverage market that is booming…

Trends like this are the ones that transform and disrupt such a massive sector and are ones to pay close attention to.

I want to bring this point home by bringing up a company you may have heard about before…

The company is called Monster Beverage..

Yes, that Monster Beverage –  the King of energy drinks…

Energy drinks took the world by storm years ago but many have no idea that at one point, Monster Beverage was a penny stock that was trading under $1.00!

It is now almost $100 a share!

The company you’re reading about today has recently entered the fast growing distilled spirits and ready to drink (RTD) markets.

There have been MAJOR developments in recent months and things are moving very quickly!

In fact, share prices have exploded almost 3,000% in the last few months!

RTD’s are currently enjoying soaring success in numerous global markets. Once considered a product for the younger market has undergone a resurgence and with new diverse products and packaging, these drinks have become a big hit. 

Brandy Rand, COO Americas at IWSR recently explained: “Today’s consumer not only seeks out convenience but also quality, resulting in opportunities for trade-up alternatives for RTDs – something which is yet to be fully realized.”

RTD beverages are already all the rage and the U.S. Craft Spirits Industry is anticipated for tremendous growth ahead as seen below:

Source: Grandviewresearch

Next to the big jump into this exciting beverage market, the company is also redefining the traditional form of advertising AND has a presence in the CBG space. CBG may be he next big thing after CBD!

SponsorsOne, Inc. (OTC: SPONF) is making a big name for itself in the evolving RTD market and with the company’s other endeavors, there could be room for astronomical upside ahead at current levels!

SponsorsOne Inc.

SponsorsOn  is the leader in the next evolution of brand creation and digital marketing through influencer marketing, storytelling, and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable – smart contract-based digital-currency. Combined, this allows the brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to micro-influencers) within the social realm. The SponsorCoin platform provides for data-driven marketing campaigns that will change the way brands connect with their customers. SponsorCoin is a tool for brands to inspire real movements around their products and services. Their most valuable customers become their best salespeople, producing far higher ROI than current social media advertising methods. SponsorsOne, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, SponsorsOne Media Inc., provides full creative and Brand building/management services to all our Brands and manages the influencer communities for each Brand.

Premier Beverage Consortium LLC is also a wholly-owned subsidiary and is brand building for the global spirits market with its flagship “Ready to Drink” product called Doc Wylders.. Ownership of the Brand combined with distribution, digital marketing innovation, and capital is the winning formula to build the next billion-dollar Brand.

SPONF – Colossal Gains of Almost 3,000% and a “BUY” Rating from BarChart

SPONF still has a “BUY” alert from Barchart.com!

It was in February following one of my alerts that shares of SPONF hit as high as 11 cents..

The best part about this move was that the day before they were trading as low as $0.0276.

This was a gain of nearly 300% overnight!

The stock may have pulled back since then, but another colossal breakout could be possible, especially with the stock again around 3 cents.

Keep in mind that this past December, SPONF was also trading at mere sub-penny prices. The stock was as low as $0.0039!

Since this low, share prices have skyrocketed over 2,700%!

SPONF could see gains of over 200% as the markets continue to climb to never before seen heights! This is the PERFECT Storm!

With so many big developments being announced in recent weeks with their beverage endeavors AND a recent jump into the pre-rolled smokable hemp market, this could be on the horizon…..

SPONF – Company Enters the Pre-rolled Smokable Hemp Market

SPONF has entered into the pre-rolled smokable hemp market!

The company has incorporated a new subsidiary company called HS Brands Inc which will focus on launching pre-rolled smokable Hemp within the USA and Internationally.

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SponsorsOne, said: “We have secured the highest quality producer of pre-rolled smokable Hemp to deliver the quality, quantity, and consistency needed to scale a major brand in this category. The pre-rolled smokable Hemp market is looking for a leading pre-rolled product of the highest possible quality for the cigarette smoker wanting to transition away from tobacco-based smokes to the healthier Hemp-based CBD product”.

SPONF on March 30, 2021, secured a five-year purchase and manufacturing supply agreement with a six-generation tobacco cultivation and processing company that has served the domestic and international tobacco industry for over 150 years.

Besides having their extensive acreage, the company’s manufacturing partner has secured multiple supply contracts with experienced hemp farmers, cultivating thousands of acres in one of the best agricultural lands in multiple states and overseas. The processing and packaging facilities are on their fourth generation of automation design, showing experience and commitment to large-scale hemp cultivation and production of superior quality pre-rolled smokable Hemp.

The company anticipates the first production run of its proprietary Brand to be completed by the end of Q2 2021, shipping products in early Q3 2021, with an expected online marketing presence shortly after that.

According to a report from the Hemp Business Daily, which partnered with Neilson Research, noted that in 2020 the smokable hemp market was worth between $70-$80 million, and Neilson projected that by 2025, Nielsen expects the smokable Hemp market to reach $300 million to $400 million.”

“Our plan is to bring a healthier product alternative to addictive tobacco and vaping” stated CEO Myles Bartholomew. “We believe the health benefits provided from smokable organic hemp flower as the delivery system for CBD and CBG will be a game changer.”

While not as famous as CBD, rare cannabinoids like CBG are significantly stronger and CBG is one of the standouts, with its versatile medical properties.

CBG is becoming more recognized and is being called the next big thing after CBD!

SPONF – Making a Splash in the “Ready to Drink” (RTD) Seltzer Revolution and Distilled Spirits Market

SPONF made a strategic move at the end of last year to get into the fast growing “ready to drink” (RTD) seltzer space.

Part of the amazing growth story of this space is connected to the 2020 lockdowns.

With bars and restaurants closed or limited nationwide — and the health crisis keeping people home, many started to see just how practical RTDs are.

It’s been hard to ignore the rising popularity of these canned hard seltzers.

They have become the hottest drink trend in the U.S. since craft beer entered the arena!

Millennials especially are all over this fizzy drink found on shelves and the endcaps of aisles. They represent a massive market.

And why shouldn’t they love the drinks? These beverages are already pre-mixed and ready to be enjoyed without additional preparation making them easy to enjoy.

The Craft Spirits market is currently valued at $46.7 billion and projected to grow at 25.33% annually forecasted through to 2025, says IndustryARC and Grand View Research.

Hard seltzers are now a powerful player in the alcohol scene and SPONF could become a household name soon!

“Prohibition-era regulations stifled liquor e-commerce in the U.S. for decades, and the pandemic lockdowns sparked demand almost overnight. The DTC Spirits market share is now estimated at 5% of the $120 billion market in the USA and expected to grow to 20% by 2026, and we are set up to lead this growth with high-quality products that consumers can buy online,” said Myles Bartholomew, CEO of the company.

The global ready to drink premixes market size is expected to reach $25.96 billion by 2025 registering a CAGR of 4.5%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. This is a monstrous market for SPONF and everything is still in the early stages so the room for growth here is staggering….

SPONF – Has Acquired USA Based Premier Beverage Consortium LLC 

SPONF announced last November that it has acquired Premier Beverage Consortium LLC (“PBC”) of Redondo Beach, California.

This acquisition has given SPONF a significant foothold in rapidly emerging markets!

Some of PBC’s portfolio of Infused Lemonades, Craft Vodka, and Whiskey/Spirits have gained traction quickly with consumers, propelled by the founding partners’ expertise in scaling consumer brands and building brand equity through private labels for Safeway and Trader Joe’s.

“Our ability to understand and ’empathize’ with today’s consumer’s behavior, wants, and needs have been proven through PBC’s growth,” said Ron Miranda, CEO & President, Premier Beverage Consortium. “We are excited to be working with SponsorsOne, their world-class marketing, and technology team to take our business to the next level and with their leadership team that is making investments in a quickly evolving category.”

SPONF – An Incredible Dream Team is Assembled to Take on the Massive Spirits Market

SPONF has assembled a top management team to build breakthrough Brands in house!

Mr. Kevin Swadish, the former COO Of Skyy Vodka, is to oversee product sales & distribution.

Mr. Ricardo Camargo, the Company’s Chief Branding Officer, will oversee brand development and marketing -former clients including Adidas, Oakley, Nike, Skullcandy, Timberland, Pepsi, Boost Mobile, Fossil, Crocs, W Hotels, TaylorMade, and Logitech!

Mr. Ron Miranda will oversee Product Design, Development and Production, and has developed national private label brands For Trader Joes, Safeway and all of their subsidiaries!

SPONF CEO Myles Bartholomew commented, “The level and mixture of the talent we have in SponsorsOne will allow us to quickly jump on emerging consumer trends in the Craft Spirits market and get innovative products developed and quickly launched in the market. Brand ideation to full market execution including using our proprietary SponsorsCoin platform for automating the influencer marketing will allow us to get to scale quickly through direct to consumer and wholesale distribution”.

SPONF – Launches Doc Wylder’s Line of Infused Lemonades

SPONF’s first entry into the growing infused beverage space is the Doc Wylder’s line of Infused Lemonades.

Doc Wylder’s provides SPONF with a significant entry in the rapidly emerging RTD’s and Hard Seltzer’s market. This category is projected to have revenues of tens of billion dollars through 2025!

The new Doc Wylder’s product line consists of Lemonades in four types. Lemonade infused with Vodka, Lemonade infused with Tequila, Lemonade and Berry infused with Vodka and a Lemonade infused with Bourbon, all packed in a 12 oz/4pack. The aluminum bottle has a stunning graphic and is recyclable, resealable.

SPONF CEO Myles Bartholomew commented: “This product line perfectly fits the current trends of this rapidly expanding category. It is low alcohol, low calorie with no added sugar, and non-GMO. It is also using the most popular spirits for the infusion. Vodka, Tequila, and Bourbon are the largest and fastest-growing segments in the beverage alcohol category. We feel that the product perfectly fits the needs of today’s consumer demands and preferences. There is cross over from Beer and Wine Consumers along with the Hard Seltzer consumer.”
He added, “The target is to be positioned in stores and other venues starting in the spring. Doc Wylder’s will target off-premise distribution in the U.S. and Canada. It is also perfect for on-premise private venues such as golf courses, country clubs, stadiums, recreational locations and other non-retail venues.”
Mr. Kevin Swadish has said: “The concept of Doc Wylder’s is as developed as any new product I have been involved with. The category, the package and the quality of the beverage itself and our marketing should make this an instant brand. Consumers will try it and keep coming back! The only question I have is which type will be the favorite!”
SPONF has already received purchase orders for Doc Wylder’s to be on retailer shelves mid-April, 2021! THIS IS NOW!Myles Bartholomew stated: “The initial response from retailers and distributors for Doc Wylder’s has been very strong. The product is uniquely positioned in the “Ready to Drink” market, and the branding is equally attractive to male and female buyers. These orders represent the start of the summer selling season and will be on the shelves of liquor and grocery stores in April.”

The company’s goal is to have most of the USA covered with distribution and retail availability by the time the summer buying season commences.

For more information on the Doc Wylder’s “Ready to Drink” product line, visit: www.docwylders.com

SPONF – The Company’s Initial Portfolio of Distilled Spirits Could Grab Major Attention

Myles Bartholomew, CEO of SPONF has said: “Since the acquisition of Premier Beverage Consortium, we have developed a portfolio of premium distilled spirits including Bourbon, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey. Working with craft distillers in Texas, we have formulated a lineup of high-quality products that will address the demand of the markets both today and those of the future.”

Smithville Bourbon is the name of the company’s line-up of Bourbons and Whiskeys, including the following expressions – six-year Bourbon, four-year Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and a Four Grain Whiskey. The company’s Bourbon and Whiskey line derive their name from Smithville.

The company recently added two ultra-aged premium Bourbons to the Smithville Texas Whiskey product line. The unique distillate is rested for 8 and 10 years, respectively, developing an incredible smoothness creating a Bourbon with the desired, smoky, leathery flavor with a rounded mouthfeel.

Four Corners Vodka, the company’s boutique vodka, has been handcrafted from local, small production farms, enabling them to produce the smoothest, finest tasting Vodka available. The name Four Corners inspiration is the four grains used along with the four corners in the central part of the town of Smithville.

Riverview Gin is a compilation of proprietary local and statewide botanicals carefully blended to create the most aromatic expression while providing flavors rarely captured in a bottle. Riverview derives its name from the many early families who settled in Smithville; and lived on the Colorado River.

The company is finalizing samples to deliver to retailers and distributors across the USA, Canada, and International. As well, our distilled spirits product line up will be offered directly to consumers through our eCommerce platform. Product availability will be late Q1 to early Q2 2021!

SPONF – What the Company has Going on Next in this Space….


SPONF has executed a distribution agreement with Johnson Brothers to cover Southern Nevada for the distribution of Doc Wylder’s (a Ready to Drink “RTD” spirit) in a key marketplace, including Las Vegas!

Johnson Brothers is still family-owned and one of the leading wine, spirits, and beer distributors, providing world-class service to customers and operating in 26 states with 3,500 team members.

Many people could be rushing to Las Vegas as lock down restrictions end and vaccines continue to roll out!

This agreement gives SPONF access to all of the casinos and major outdoor venues for this summer!



SPONF has announced that it has received initial orders from its U.S. distribution channel and are in production for shipments of Doc Wylder’s this month!

Things are in motion now…. the product is expected to be on shelves in May.

The company’s distributors have completed the presale to the retail channel and have indicated high demand from retail as a result of these pre-sale presentations which were led by the management of their beverage division PBC and head of S1 Brands, Kevin Swadish.

This order represents an initial stocking order for the Northeastern retail channel to seed the product in retail outlets, which should lead to larger follow-on orders.



SPONF has also entered into a statewide distribution agreement for Doc Wylders for the state of California with Classic Wines of California.

Classic Wines of California was formed in 1973 and is an award-winning Wine producer with a large-scale distribution network in California. Their distribution network of tens of thousands of retail outlets brings Doc Wylder’s to Grocery, Big Box, Neighborhood and Convenience Stores as well as Restaurants across the State of California.

Doc Wylder’s will be hitting their warehouse Mid-April and going to retail shelves starting May 1st, 2021, just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend.


An eCommerce Site Built with Shopify!

SPONF revealed not long ago that its wholly-owned subsidiary Premier Beverage Consortium LLC (“PBC”) will launch a fully integrated eCommerce site built with Shopify, allowing eligible purchasers to purchase their exclusive brands direct.

PBC has developed a complete warehousing, fulfillment, and direct shipping platform with external complaint providers and plans to offer exclusive products online direct to consumers allowing the company to build communities around each Brand.

Doc Wylder’s product in a 4 pack, 8 pack, and 15 pack will be the first offering directly to consumers.

Under the rules, 10 states legally allow DTC sales of distilled spirits, including Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C., as well as military bases.

For the other 21 States, licensed retailers are used to fulfill the DTC orders.

According to data from Sovos Ship Compliant and Wines Vines Analytics, the Direct to Consumer (DTC) wine channel grew by 7.4% in 2019 to $3.2 billion. To help put this in perspective Statista is projected that the entire U.S. Whisky category will be $16.6 billion in 2020.

They are projecting the entire spirits category to have $76.8 billion in total revenue!

DTC for Distilled Spirits is currently in its infancy stage and PBC intends to lead in the DTC category leveraging its premium Brands that are under development in-house and the use of the SponsorCoin platform for building online communities around each Brand.



SPONF has executed warehousing and online retailing agreement (“Direct to Consumer” or “DTC”) with Speakeasy Co. to sell Premier Beverage Consortium’s, Doc Wylder’s Lemonade as its first DTC product.

This means the company will reach consumers in 32 states in the U.S.A!

Under the agreement with Speakeasy Co., we will maintain the Brand website, and Speakeasy Co. maintains the shopping cart for the online purchase.

Speakeasy Co. will maintain the warehouse of inventory, which upon purchase, triggers the shipment direct to the customer. Speakeasy Co. also adds efficiency by bringing all the regulatory tiers together, making this a seamless consumer experience.

Speakeasy was the infrastructure for Telsa’s Tequila brand, which launched direct to consumer in November of 2020. The product was priced at $250.00 and sold out within 4.5 hours totaling 10’s of thousands of bottles across multiple states!

Using social media as the marketing platform, the storefront has millions of hits, driving the sold-out response on this one-time limited offer. Recent results stated by Speakeasy Co. reinforce the momentum now happening in the DTC market:

• Speakeasy Co. sold more in December 2020 than all of 2019
• November and December sales (2020) were up 464% YoY
• 2020 vs 2019 sales were up 547% YoY
• Outsold January 2020 in the first five days of 2021
• Beverage alcohol brands on platform spiked from 40 as of January 2020 to approximately 190 to-date

SPONF – is Also Disrupting the Traditional Advertising Model

SPONF is making small brands BIG through large, engaged, authentic communities of influencers that buy and support the brands they love.

The company is the leader in the next evolution of digital marketing through social media influencers, storytelling and digital-commerce with the SponsorCoin platform and its highly scalable — smart campaigns and digital-currency.

Combined, this allows brands to build and manage exclusive and highly engaged communities of influencers (from pro to nano-influencers) within the social realm.

SPONF’s SponsorCoin platform provides for data-driven marketing campaigns that will change the way brands connect with their customers.

SponsorCoin is a tool for brands to inspire real movements around their products and services in which their most valuable customers become their best salespeople, producing far higher ROI than current social media advertising methods.

The SponsorCoin platform additionally supports brand selling direct to consumers and/or through wholesale/retail distribution.

SPONF – The Influencer Market is Tremendous

People are turning to their favorite Instagram models, Twitter personalities and YouTube stars on what to buy.

Social media has given normal people an opportunity to build their own brand through stimulating content and engagement.

The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, up from as much as $8 billion in 2019, according to Insider Intelligence estimates, based on Mediakix data.

SPONF believes that by adding influencer marketing to the distribution network, word of mouth marketing will drive consumers to stores (online or bricks and mortar) to buy the brand’s product and SponsorsOne has access to them all!

The company lets small brands bypass traditional display ads and word search advertising, and connect directly with consumers through entertainment and social media influence.

Brands benefit from authentic, word-of-mouth engagement and interactive posts and videos that feature the brand.

SPONF- Capitalizing on the Demand for Immune System Boosting

SPONF has additionally signed a three year Brand Management Agreement with GO Nutraceuticals Inc., a leading provider of organic botanicals infused with whole-plant hemp cannabinoids.

GO and its team have spent the last 5 years developing an all-natural infusion process to combine some of the healthiest botanicals into a raw – whole plant oil extraction.

No chemicals, no heat, no alteration of the natural plant creates an oil “The way mother nature intended”.

SPONF is also intending to be one the first companies to deliver immune system boosting beverages with water-soluble micronutrient ingredients in a single molecular structure to the U.S.!

The drinks support the immune system, help with focused energy, post-exercise recovery and drug-free relaxation and sleep.


SPONF is a company tackling one lucrative space after the other… RTD drinks.. marketing.. influencers.. CBG.. the smokeable hemp market..

The company has been releasing many positive announcements in recent weeks and Wall Street is still digesting it all.

Recent news includes the company’s Doc Wylder’s (a Ready to Drink “RTD” spirit) having access to all of the casinos and major outdoor venues this summer in entertainment capital Las Vegas!

The company also recently announced it is entering the massive California market for Doc Wylders and more distribution agreements are in place in other states including, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

The Company continues to grow its distribution network in the USA and is also in discussions with potential representatives for Canada!

Could the stock be ready for another historical climb to 11 cents?

It did before from sub-penny levels…

As the company’s business plans in the monstrous alcohol beverage industry catch more attention, the sky could be the limit, especially as products will start hitting shelves next month and are available online now for purchase!

With a History of Breakouts in the Triple DIgits and a 2,700+ Rally in Recent Months, PLUS a “BUY” rating from BarChart and Big News Left and right, SPONF Could Be Ready to Fly Again and see 100%+ in Gains!

Warm Regards,

Alexander Reeves

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