ZMRK May Be a Hidden Gem at These Levels with Monstrous Triple Digit Upside Ahead!

Zalemark Holding Company, Inc.
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The long term outlook for Canada's legal marijuana industry is very compelling and finding the big players before they become big is what could lead to substantial returns.

This is what brings me to my newest alert, a stock that is flying heavily under the radar right now and is only trading around a penny.

ZMRK has massive upside potential of around 500% if share prices head back to their 52-week high!

As one of just four nations with legalized pot, Canada is the largest fully legal recreational market in the world.

The loosening of government regulations has resulted in strong demand for the cannabis industry. In addition, the passing of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis 2.0 being rolled out in the country could lead to even more avid cannabis consumers.

With an expansive body of research reinforcing the medicinal qualities of cannabis, more and more Canadians are recognizing the need for greater access to the plant to treat a variety of ailments.

Pot stocks trading in the U.S market could be gearing up for a very big rally with the Democratic-controlled House set to vote on legalizing marijuana at the federal level for the first time in the chamber's history later this month.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the House would vote on the MORE Act during the week of Sept. 21st.

"It's about time," Nadler told USA TODAY, calling it a "historic vote" marking the beginning of the end of the federal government's "40-year, very misguided crusade" against marijuana.

Marijuana prohibition may be on its last legs now and this kind of move could be the catalyst needed for pot stocks to experience that major rebound that was expected to happen this year before coronavirus hit.

You may be one of the early birds reading about today's alert and the potential Gains here may be SUBSTANTIAL!

Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. (OTC: ZMRK) has completed a merger that could get it a solid footing into Canada's massive marijuana boom!

Zalemark Holding Company, Inc.


ZMRK is a U.S. public company, currently domiciled in the State of Delaware. Agricultural Industrialization in both the U.S., China, and Canada will be the new direction of the company. Zalemark will be utilizing its New Management's long-term relationships and working along the side of multiple Industry Leading Agricultural Companies that currently develop, design, and provide Agricultural Equipment to the Farming Industry. This equipment is used for both indoor and outdoor commercial farming. Zalemark will tentatively be purchasing Commercial Farmland in Canada that have ongoing operations for investment purposes only.

The company also recently completed its Massive Merger with AeroPonLeaf Holdings at the end of 2019.
ZMRK’s primary goal will be to adopt aeroponic technologies to help farmers cultivate cannabis on their properties.
AeroPonLeaf Canada was setup in December 2017. Its aim is to build an Adult Destination Facility, integrated with Cannabis cultivation, processing and packaging, as well as Cannabis Research & Development. The property consists of 160 acres, located just north of the town of Bancroft in Hastings Highlands, a 40-minute drive from Algonquin National Park.
ZMRK’s acquisition of AeroPonLeaf will reap benefits for its shareholders.

Their projects include integrating cannabis cultivation technologies, processing systems, and tourism destination project currently under development. ZMRK’s AeroPonLeaf’s has an innovative new Aeroponic irrigation system, that will be implemented in the facility. A further advance on the idea of hydroponics, aeroponics dismisses with the growing medium altogether, letting plant roots dangle freely in the air while they are nourished by nutrient-laden mists. The approach promises to dramatically bring down costs of cultivation to approximately $0.37 CAD per gram comparing to traditional growing methods with soil or other mediums.

To further this production, the company signed a new partnership agreement with Hempergy Corporation that was approved by Health Canada shortly after.

ZMRK is in one of the hottest spaces due to the legalization of cannabis across the world. Cannabis itself has carried a negative stigma for almost a half of a century until leading scientist and entrepreneurs have shown the uses for the plant. Cannabis has had a negative stigma until the last 8-10 years. Governments have adapted to change, and that change is to legalize the use of cannabis for medical purposes that must have great impact on an individual’s health.

ZMRK’s approach to creating cultivation technologies along with land ownership shows an aggressive move into the cannabis industry.

What was once thought of an afterthought, cannabis technologies and farming has been the forefront of a new farming pioneer. You do not have to have thousands of acres to be highly profitable.

ZMRK’s aeroponics technology will lead the company into the next decade. This is a method of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium - to cultivate cannabis. This is an extremely efficient cultivation method that will significantly increase yields over traditionalgrowing methods.

ZMRK - A Colossal Bounce Opportunity

Shares of ZMRK were trading significantly higher around this time last year. The stock was trading as high as $0.0649 last September.

Just this past June share prices were as high as $0.015 and in March they were as high as $0.0249.

The upside possible here could be in the hundreds of percents if ZMRK heads back to March's levels or its 52-week high!

ZMRK provides an Absolutely Massive Triple-Digit Opportunity...

Just look at the chart!


ZMRK - Jumps into the Massive Cannabis Arena

It was last year that ZMRK announced that the company had signed a letter of intent to acquire AeroPonLeaf Canada. It was then in December that the company announced the merger between the two companies had been completed.

ZMRK CEO CEO Xia Wu stated, "I believe the consolidation of the two Companies will bring great value to the Shareholders of Zalemark Holding Co. Inc. I further believe, that the Merger will allow the Company itself to reach its financial goals at a greater speed. It is in my opinion, that this will benefit both, the current Shareholders of "ZMRK" and Aeroponleaf Holding's Investors."

AeroPonLeaf is in the process of setting up an integrated cannabis cultivation, processing and packaging facility in the municipality of Hastings Highlands, north of Bancroft, Ontario.

AeroPonLeaf has acquired a 160 acre property on which it is building the cannabis production and processing plant. It eventually plans to expand into an Adult Destination Facility that will include medical research, a retail outlet and brewery, as well as a spa in addition to it's core focus on cannabis production. The Company has already obtained zoning changes for the facility from the municipality, and initial construction of the factory has begun.

The company uses advanced aeroponics; a method of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium - to cultivate cannabis.

This is an extremely efficient cultivation method that will significantly increase yields over traditional growing methods," said William R. Sharpe, director of the company.

Mr. Sharpe is a veteran of the Canadian beverage industry, with decades of Canadian beer industry experience and was the founder of Lakeport Brewing Corporation, later sold to Labbatt in 2007.

Andrew S. Brandt is another director of the company and he was the former Chairman and CEO of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for 15 years, as well as former Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party. Mr. Brandt brings invaluable experience from the liquor industry which is highly complementary to the cannabis industry.

ZMRK - The Budding Cannabis Arena and Canada's Outlook

Ontario is Canada's biggest province by population and considered a key driver of sales growth for the nation's marijuana industry. The province continues to license more stores as demand grows.

Cannabis stores in Ontario and Alberta have reported “unprecedented demand” during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cannabis companies recently told Marijuana Business Daily “there is no threat to supply chains at this time, and safety measures have been put into place for employees and consumers”.

The Ontario Cannabis Store has seen its sales surge 80% week-over-week. The government-owned store dropped prices recently to improve competitiveness, but COVID-19 has also had an effect.

Physical stores in Ontario are additionally seeing an increase in orders.

“Not unlike major grocery retailers, Sessions Cannabis has seen a significant increase in sales this week due to growing concerns regarding COVID-19 social distancing protocols,” Sessions CEO Steven CEO wrote in an email.

Consumers in Canada are becoming more and more curious about marijuana. In the first quarter of 2019, a staggering 646,000 cannabis users reported trying cannabis for the very first time in three months.

The "Baby Boomer" generation, born between 1945 to 1964, have become a larger market of cannabis in the country.

IBISWorld estimates that revenue for the cannabis production industry in Canada has increased an annualized 116.3 percent over the five years to 2020, reaching an anticipated $3.5 billion in 2020 itself.

The ETFMG Alternative Harvest (MJ) ETF, which tracks the cannabis industry, began a rebound in May while the AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (YOLO) has rebounded since March. Both are still well below their highs which means there's plenty of room for the correction to continue.

It is expected that when the pandemic clears, cannabis stocks will resume their interrupted recovery, especially with the U.S. making a historical vote on marijuana legislation this month!

ZMRK - Developments...

ZMRK Co-CEO Ms. Xia Wu has proudly received congratulation letter from University of Toronto Alumni Relations.

The letter states that "Your achievements bring honour to our University, and we take pride in your accomplishments and leadership."

Ms. Wu thanked the school for recognizing her efforts and would like to extend the wishes to all members of the company for great team works.

Zalemark Holding Co. Inc. will continue to make great strides, and will always operate ethically, and fairly. Management of ZMRK appreciates its Shareholders and will continue to provide updates.

Watch the company's news for any updates on AeroPonLeaf!



Industries may go through hard times, but these downturns can create solid investment opportunities. Many analysts were relying on a pot stock rebound this year but that was before anybody knew coronavirus would become what it did.

ZMRK looks like a sleeper stock right now that has slipped off of Wall Street's radar. This could quickly change if the company releases an update on its merger. It could be the catalyst needed to send shares flying back to previous highs.

Canada's marijuana market is a beast and the largest recreational market in the world for the plant.

According to BNN Bloomberg, for every 1 gram of cannabis priced at $10 in Canada, producers are estimated to profit $3.60. In addition, it is estimated that the private sector will generate close to $1 billion in EBITA with 85 percent coming from production and the rest from retail.

ZMRK at these levels could be like finding a ground-floor needle in the haystack!

Start your research right away!

Company Website:

Warm Regards,

Alexander Reeves



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