About Penny Picks

Who We Are

Two Stock Experts using 8 Computer Screens, working sometimes as much as 16 hours a day: One Awesome Stock Pick.

How Are We Different?

Our approach to penny stocks is completely different from most other sites out there.

We prowl the markets, sift through hundreds of companies and pick those poised to move and then present them to you. Stocks with the greatest possibility of gains, period.

We call it as we see it and we are real about it.

You will never hear us say “Hey! Watch for this wild stock that will go up 1,000%!”

Some times that does happen and that’s awesome, but our focus is on getting realistic, consistent, solid base gains that are easily repeated. Securing a 20% gain in a day. A 30% two-day gainer. And so forth. That being said, we do regularly send out alerts that gain over 1,000% afterwards! We don’t want you to miss that important bit of information.

While other newsletters promise you that their pick will go up only to find out you are left holding the bag, we would rather tell you about opportunities where you can get in and out over a few days tops. We’re talking simple trades versus long-term holding.

Whether you are a veteran trader or new to the market, check us out by signing up for our free newsletter. We’ve been picking almost 100% winners and our readers — many with no experience trading stocks — have been making significant profits with our information.