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HQGE could double or more on Monday.

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The Google of the CBD Industry

HQ Global Education, Inc.
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Last week, my picks gained over 35% and when you add that to the 66% in gains from the week before, you’d have more than enough in profits to double your investments in just two weeks time.

Well, my new pick is a subpenny low float stock that is in full reversal and it’s a trade opportunity no trader should miss out on, especially if they want to continue doubling their portfolio’s value.

My new pick is all about growth.

If we want the answer to a question or interested in finding out more about a specific good, product, or a service—we Google it.

The founders of Google built a search engine portal that dominates the internet.

It has turned the company into an advertising kingpin and one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world.

The firm has expanded into big data, video sharing, health monitoring, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, apps, cloud computing, NLP, CRM, web analytics, gaming, and so much more.

Crazy to think that it all started with the search engine.

Lesson: Develop a product or service people desire and then build around it and expand.

And that’s what HQ Global Education Inc. (HQGE) is doing in the hemp and CBD market and the opportunity before you is absolutely huge.

“… investors getting in here could turn every $1500 into $22,750.”

The company intends on becoming the leading authority on CBD, and based on its latest moves… it doesn’t sound so crazy.

HQ Global Education Inc.


HQ Global Education Inc. (OTC: HQGE): Determined to become a significant player in the hemp and cbd space.

The company made a splash this summer when it announced it was acquiring the Hemp Session podcast.

While no one can dispute the sudden rise of the CBD market, most consumers aren’t educated on the products, benefits, and how to achieve optimal results from using CBD.

By becoming an authority, and a source for knowledge all things CBD, the Hemp Session podcast will open up new opportunities for HQGE and enable them to expand deeper into the CBD sector.

The Hemp Session podcast isn’t the only move HQGE has left.

In fact, it looks to build off its momentum from the summer, and explore opportunities to get involved in other parts of the growing CBD market, including: producing, processing, and distribution of high-grade and certified CBD products.

HQGE’s Strategic Plan Cites Several Potential Revenue Streams in the Hemp Space

  • The company plans to launch a portal for manufacturers, distributors, and researchers to gain access to HQGE’s rich library of cutting edge CBD information and its jam packed, research-driven database. HQGE plans to roll this portal through a subscription model, a savvy move by the company, that can almost ensure them a steady flow of income.
  • The firm is in the process of acquiring (or establishing) hemp farms in Southern California and Oregon. This will not only give HQGE the potential of another revenue stream, but it will also put them in a position to learn a critical aspect of the business.
  •  HQGE is analyzing its options to begin establishing facilities for the extraction of internally grown products. This is an opportunity for HQGE to establish itself as a wholesaler.

As you can see, HQGE has strategically aligned itself to take a huge piece of the ever-growing CBD and Hemp market.

And chartists are starting to notice the stock’s potential too…

HQGE Stock Chart

On September 13, 2019, HQGE closed at $0.003 per share. The firm’s stock price has traded in a range between $0.003 and $0.0455 over the last 52 weeks.

However, ever since it hit its lows on Friday, shares of the stock have surged back, and the buying has been relentless.

I’m talking about +42% higher from Friday’s low of .0021.

It is worth noting that we have seen this stock have a massive pop to the upside shortly after being oversold (according to bollinger bands).

In other words, this could be the beginning of a new bull run in HQGE.

The stock moves easily because it has an incredibly small float, meaning the any buying coming in sends the stock soaring because there’s only about $95k in stock currently available (per

Now that a reversal is in full effect, the next level of resistance to fall would be $0.0037—representing gains of 23.33% from current levels alone.

According to OTC Markets, on average, about 1.85M shares of HQGE trade daily (30-day average) and on Friday the stock traded more than double that showing that buyers are coming into the stock.

How high can this stock go?

No one has a crystal ball, but if you use the previous highs as your measuring stick, then you are staring at potential returns as high as 1,416% from these levels!

Most Recent Headlines

HQ Global Education’s Hempsession Expands Brand to Include Real Estate Management
LOS ANGELES, CA, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE – HQ Global Education, Inc. (HQGE) announced today that its Hempsession division is expanding its brand base through real estate management contracts in and near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Under the terms of the agreement, Hempsession will assume complete managerial control over 5 rental properties, including a 10-room hotel in Portland, plus three 4-bedroom freestanding rental homes in River Oaks and a fourth in St. Thomas. Although these units will be individually operated and available on their own for both short and long-term rental, Hempsession also has plans to occasionally bundle some or all of these facilities with services and activities provided by its nearby restaurant, catering and music offerings to create unique vacation experiences for its many podcast listeners and fans.
CEO Luis Proetta commented, “This is another important milestone for Hempsession as we continue to expand our brand and our concept. In addition to providing another income stream on their own, these units, combined with our restaurant and catering services, our reach into the Reggae and World Music community, and the amazing amenities offered by our Ocho Rios location, will allow us to create unique vacation experiences that stand out among all others and are specifically tailored to our audience.”
Hempsession is a premier news and entertainment source of the CBD industry, delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news and highlights designed to keep stakeholders abreast of what’s trending, how the news and trends may affect their holdings, and providing positive testimonials lending credence to the healing powers of CBD. Hosted by industry insider Oliver del Camino, Hempsession is THE leading purveyor of current information on the CBD marketplace, because it amasses data from a broad spectrum of sources representing every facet of the industry from corporate entities to the growers and farmers. Hempsession podcasts are curated by an experienced team of contributors to determine which aspects of CBD are most relevant to and sought after by its large and growing listener base of over one million-plus participants.
HQ Global Education, Inc. (HQGE) is a Delaware corporation dedicated to becoming the industry leader in data gathering, intelligence and education for the industrial CBD industry in America, and to playing a major role in helping to fill the enormous global demand for CBD oil and related products, the market for which is exploding since it has been proven to provide enormous health and medical benefits for a wide range of ailments and illnesses. HQ Global Education acquired Hempsession in June 2019. For additional information visit

Bottom Line: HQGE Reversal Opens The Door To Astronomical Profits

HQGE is aiming at becoming the Google of the CBD market. Through its extensive database, proprietary research, and the Hempsession podcast, the company plans on becoming the industry’s educational leader and authority on CBD and Hemp.

Right now, shares of the stock are cheap. In fact, on Friday, they were at the lowest price of the year. But that didn’t last long, and since then, shares of the stock have been sizzling.

If it can somehow reclaim its previous highs, investors getting in here could turn every $1500 into $22,750. Now, that is an opportunity no one can afford to ignore.

Don’t miss out on my biggest subpenny alert of the year.

For your due diligence, visit here:

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Alexander Reeves


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