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GBLTF is Today’s Revenue Growth Alert and could become the TECH PLAY OF THE QUARTER!

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With a TINY FLOAT of just around 38M shares, my newest alert is a veritable “GROUND FLOOR” SITUATION in the Tech Sector poised to SHOCK Wall Street today!

As many of you have seen, our most recent alerts have been on fire — delivering TRIPLE-DIGIT GAINS in a matter of hours!

Because it’s so new to the US Markets, Today’s New Alert has potentially UNLIMITED UPSIDE and appears destined to land in Wall Street’s spotlight.

Don’t let this sleeping stock fool you…

This is a relatively unknown company on Wall Street that is giving off major “IPO-like” vibes!

Finding a company trading at just a few cents that also happens to be connected to not ONE, but TWO of the largest and oldest names in consumer business, is what could soon catapult this undervalued stock right to the center of the stage!

The company has licensing agreements with two well-known brands and looks poised to become a household name in both the light and battery sectors, TWO equally ENORMOUS sectors providing major opportunity to capitalize on.

Learning about this stock RIGHT NOW could lead to astonishing upside potential!

In today’s world, people are constantly on the go and rely heavily on technology in their daily lives. One of the biggest arenas to hit the scene has been mobile and residential storage devices.

Anyone who uses a smartphone knows the importance of carrying a backup powerbank… This company may soon conquer the worldwide market of stationary and mobile storage devices, worth a staggering $8.54 billion by 2023!

ONE company is setting itself apart from the rest and has created such a reputation for itself that TWO LEADING consumer electronics company have granted it licenses to their major product lines in LONG-TERM partnership!

This partnership could potentially help the stock SKYROCKET as soon as TODAY!

And from a technical standpoint, the stock may be setting up for a BOUNCE back to higher prices seen only weeks ago with momentum possibly pushing share prices WELL BEYOND THAT!

With Wall Street on the cusp of putting this sleeping stock onto its radar, timing couldn’t be more critical…

GBLT Corp.


GBLT Corp. is a Canada-based lighting and battery company and the official licensee for Polaroid light products, Light Emitting Diode (LED) and all other lighting technology.

Through its licensing and branding partnership with Polaroid for lighting and mobile energy storage products, the company has an immediate focus on launching its line of energy storage products in Europe, North America, and internationally.

Under the brand name Agfaphoto, the Company distributes a wide range of mobile energy products worldwide, such as batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers.

GBT GmbH, as operating company of GBLT Corp., is set to conquer the worldwide market of stationary and mobile storage devices, worth USD 8.54 billion by 2023, combining lithium storage for battery power with TWO well known brand names: Polaroid and Kodak.


POLAROID is one of the rare worldwide brands with a brand recognition of 100%!

Especially in Europe, but also in the growing markets in Africa and Middle East, GBLT Corp. uses this recognition by means of securing long-term contracts to establish a global brand, both in the retail and in the B2B sector.

GBLT Corp.’s reputation in the marketplace is what led Polaroid to grant the company the licenses to its major product line in a long-term partnership!

Additionally, under the brand name AGFAPHOTO, GBLT Corp. manufactures and distributes a wide range of mobile energy products worldwide, such as batteries, rechargeable batteries and chargers, at the same time increasing brand awareness throughout the world.

The brand names are also used by GBLT Corp. to offer the above-mentioned products as private labels to the retail trade.

Whether hypermarkets, DIY markets, discounters or ecommerce chains — the company is surely the most developing private label supplier in Europe and the fastest growing provider in the light sector.

Both in the light and in the battery sector, private label products of GBLT Corp. are not only manufactured to be offered in retail, but also for groups or companies who use these products themselves.

GBT enables the customer to retrofit existing light installations in warehouses, office-buildings, parking-lots, harbours, airports, schools and many more. Through the annual electricity cost savings, the investment in retrofitting and modification pays off after just a few years, since Polaroid LED light products Save Up to 60% of Electricity!

GBLT Corp. also has a new license agreement for its mobile and stationary energy storage product lines with Eastman Kodak Company — a pioneer in photography!

The company’s wholly owned subsidiary GBT GmbH, has entered into a licensee agreement for its mobile and stationary energy storage product lines with Eastman Kodak Company.

The new license agreement for the mobile storage products is considered more extensive and will cover all existent distribution areas of GBT and any further potential geographical areas GBT decides to enter in.

This new partnership will provide GBT with access to Kodak’s world-wide distribution channels as well as Kodak’s unique marketing network. GBT will also have access to Kodak’s newest technologies such as the Kodak Blockchain and Kodak Solar Storage systems!

“It’s the next step to establish our mobile and stationary energy storages as an everyday product and to open up new doors for future trends. After climbing into the global first division of brand products, thanks to Polaroid, GBT is now playing in the champions league of global brands. Especially in the mobile storage market the Kodak brand will enable the shift from a niche lifestyle product to an everyday commodity. The Kodak brand is a perfect fit to GBT’s current brand portfolio and in combination with the existing Polaroid and AgfaPhoto license agreements, it will extend and strengthen GBT’s global distribution network and visibility,” stated Dr. Thilo Senst, CEO of GBLT Corp.

The Opportunity

  • The opportunity is massive… and virtually untapped.
  • Demand for batteries is dominated by consumer electronics today.
  • Several applications are “in the money” today.
  • Main focus on: Backup power, Peak shaving, Renewables integration, Ancillary services, T&D deferral, and bulk storage.
  • Costs are set to come down meaningfully.
  • Driven by increasing scale and manufacturing efficiencies, battery prices are set to halve over the next decade.
  • Technology performance has improved.
  • Commercial Lithium-Ion batteries in are now being configured for up to 5.000 cycles, well above current norms.
  • The ecosystem is getting built.
  • System integrators, developers, and software providers are increasingly focusing on building comprehensive battery management solutions for various applications across the grid

In view of the steadily increasing energy costs, the need for energy storage solutions for the private sector, as well as for small to medium-sized companies, is also increasing.

LED lighting products are a market which will expand to $110 billion until 2020!

Consequently, in 2020 there will be a market potential for GBT in the light sector of 1.83 billion USD (total of 110 billion USD in 2020; 5% = 5.5 billion; GBT GmbH being present in approx. 1/3 of the markets)

As a one-stop supplier, GBT GmbH is also a brand alternative to the big three: Philips, Osram and GE.

Notable Catalysts

According to recent data, insiders own the majority of GBLT Corp. It is refreshing to see a board that invests alongside with Wall Street and gives you an idea of the confidence the company has.

GBLT Corp. is having a BANNER YEAR with the last two reported quarters totaling $900k+, which is almost as high as ALL OF 2018’s Gross Profits.

Plus, we still have TWO quarters to go!

The company saw its revenue in Q1 of 2019 increase by an amazing 27% to EUR 3.22 million!

First Quarter 2019 Financial Highlights

  • Revenue in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 27% to €3,222,207 from first quarter of 2018 revenue of €2,530,526;
  • Gross profit during the quarter increased by 233% to €423,047 compared with €127,101 during the same period in the previous year and;
  • Gross margin increased to 13% during first quarter of fiscal year 2019 from 5% for first quarter of fiscal year 2018;
  • Operating expenses during the first quarter decreased by 16% to €431,939 compared with €517,174 during the same period in the previous year;
  • Adjusted EBITDA for the 3 months ended March 31, 2019 was 102,336 as compared to an adjusted EBITDA loss of 318,450 during the same period in the previous year.

“We are delighted that after a successful going public process we were able to shift our focus on our clients which immediately translated to a significant revenue increase. We are very pleased with our first quarter results as this confirms that with our strong customer base and our product mix, GBLT is on the right track to exceed expectations and overperform in terms of both revenue and EBITDA by end of this fiscal year,” stated Dr. Thilo Senst.

It was also earlier this year that GBLTF announced some ABSOLUTELY HUGE news….

The fact that the stock has a relatively Small Float could push share prices dramatically higher if attention lands on the company and investors get a load of the big names GBLTF is working with!

Kodak… Polaroid… these are two of the most recognized brands in the world!

The rule of supply and demand applies here. When the supply is low with a high demand, the price tends to INCREASE!

It’s crazy to think, but somehow GBLTF has gone almost COMPLETELY UNNOTICED by investors… and this is GREAT news for anyone looking to jump into the space.

GBLTF could soon be garnering monstrous attention on Wall Street with its partnership with TWO MAJOR brand names.

Could this be like another alert I had… an unknown secret that managed to jump over 180% in just Two Days?

This company is making a splash domestically and internationally and it could be days, or even just hours until Wall Street discovers it!

This is one GROUND-FLOOR alert you don’t want to dismiss…

The stock is so new that the upside from here could be monumental! It’s not every day that I find companies with so much going on that are at the ground-floor level…

Bottom Line: GBLTF could rise up exponentially from current levels. You need to act fast.

Trading at just a few pennies, the stock could fly in the short term and the long-term potential may be even more amazing.

This stock’s financials are already starting to soar, isn’t it time you secured a huge win too?

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