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Vivakor Inc.

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Following my recent alerts that have totaled Over 2,000% in gains since October, my New Alert may be the best early Holiday gift ever…

… and today’s alert could gain up to 371%!

In an effort to raise oil prices, OPEC, the powerhouse of the global oil market, and its allies, agreed to officially cut production by 500,000 barrels per day on top of its current reduction agreement.

The cuts started in January and are expected to extend through March.

Phil Flynn, an analyst at Price Futures Group noted that the unexpected extra cut would provide “strong support” to the oil market.

Oil related stocks could be ready to rally on OPEC’s major move and the price of oil could be poised to head back to the highs of $74.94 it saw last April.

There’s no doubt that the oil industry is one of the most profitable in the entire world but it is also one of the dirtiest.

This is no 9-5 industry! Drilling projects operate around the clock and they disrupt wildlife, water sources, and even human health.

Clean oil recovery has become one of the most important topics around and clean tech buyers today are exuberant over the opportunity to build their portfolios all while helping the planet.

Imagine recovering oil for cheap, in a CLEAN way, and then being able to sell it for high prices… that’s what my newest play is involved with.

This clean technology company may soon capture Wall Street’s attention with its Groundbreaking Oil Recovery Technology and share prices could represent a tremendous GROUND-FLOOR situation right now!

Vivakor Inc.


VIVK is a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of natural resources.  The company’s corporate mission is to create, acquire and accumulate distinct assets, intellectual properties, and exceptional technologies that are anticipated to produce solid returns to its valued shareholders and partners.

VIVK currently focuses on bitumen (heavy crude) extraction from shallow, oil-laden areas in Eastern Utah, along with petroleum-based remediation projects across the globe.

At these share prices, it doesn’t look like Wall Street is aware of the colossal opportunity VIVK has in the oil arena with its revolutionary technology.

Current share prices are also trading very close to the stock’s 52-week low of around 16 cents. Finding good bargains can be a challenge but finding VIVK at these share prices may be like finding a needle in the haystack!

This past July share prices were at 55 cents. There could be considerable upside possible for VIVK as the company’s technology could get the attention of governments and even major oil giants all over the world soon!

VIVK — A History of Big Moves This Year

Shares began the year trading as low as 25 cents and before the month of January was up, they had hit as high as 51 cents for a gain of over 100%!

Then at the start of February share prices were as low as $0.295 again but quickly zoomed to $0.75 before the month was up for a monstrous move of over 150%!

At the end of May VIVK was at 29 cents but in the next month already hit 49 cents for a gain of nearly 70%!

In August is when the stock hit its 52-week low of $0.161 but by the end of the month was already over 33 cents for triple digit gains again!

With a high of 75 cents earlier this year, the upside potential to be had is a mouthwatering 371%!

The chart for VIVK shows just how volatile the stock is and why the stock is a MUST SEE today.

Technicals point VIVK shares being HEAVILY OVERSOLD and each time this has taken place the stock has soared, sometimes by Triple-Digits.

Recently, I sent an alert which had a very similar setup and that stock broke out and gained 69% in a SINGLE DAY.

Not only do I believe that VIVK has the potential to do the same, but I actually believe VIVK could do MUCH BETTER given their operations and how much of an impact they can have on a multi-trillion dollar industry!

The stock is on the verge of a MASSIVE BOUNCE WITH A 371% UPSIDE as the stock is on the verge of breaking through .30, the next level of resistance.

VIVK — Game Changing Technology Could Lead to Talks with Major Oil Companies

One big reason VIVK should be on your radar right now is the company’s potential to come out a winner in the trillion dollar oil arena. Especially if oil prices may be ready to explode on the recent move by OPEC.

VIVK may be a penny stock but the company’s story looks more the story of a big board player.

While top oil giants do the same old thing over and over and contribute to destroying the planet with their dirty methods of recovering oil, VIVK is doing things differently and this is what could capture the attention of oil giants.

The landscape of oil exploration and production is fundamentally changing and there is a pressure put on oil companies to clean up their methods.

The nearly $2 trillion-dollar oil industry has a slim chance of being rivaled by alternative fuels any time soon which makes it all the more dire for there to be a cleaner method for recovering oil and cleaning it up.

It took more than three years for VIVK to develop an environmentally friendly oil sands extraction technology that didn’t affect the environment and, at the same time, was commercially viable. 

Drilling has led to the disruption of wildlife, spills on land and off shore drilling sites, and toxic chemicals and dust polluting our air and water. Imagine a patent-pending technology that can discover valuable oil with NEVER having to drill one single dirty hole.

This approach is an alternative to the traditional and dangerous form of oil drilling, and it’s one that is able to produce very high-yield results in a clean and environmentally responsible way.

Let’s take a closer look at the game changing technology that VIVK is involved with…


Removing high valued oil for a low cost is the dream of any oil producer.

VIVK is able to take contaminated sands for pennies on the dollar and turn them into sands that have extreme value.

Useless sand is being turned into black gold without the need for dirty, dangerous, and unnecessary drilling!

The company can process contaminated, unusable, and polluted tar-sands and convert them into rich, valuable CLEAN sands. In other words, the world gets more energy, fewer holes, fewer oil spills, and cleaner land.

According to VIVK, its closed-loop process makes it the FIRST company to consistently produce oil from oil sands while utilizing an environmentally friendly method.

The company’s patented closed looped hydrocarbon extraction technology was initially invented to solve a pivotal problem within the state of Utah: how to monetize billions and billions of barrels of estimated heavy crude reserves found within the oil sands in the state.

The company isn’t peddling a mere concept but has genuine oil extraction technology that is operational and is in place in the oil sands region in the eastern area of Utah.

The Utah oil sands region is a great place to start this mission. According to the Utah Geological Survey, Utah oil sands region contains:

14B – 15B barrels of oil

23B – 28B barrels of estimated additional oil resources

A range of 100M – 23B barrels per oil sands deposit

How has Wall Street missed what this company is doing?

VIVK then stumbled upon something pretty big while working and developing its patent-pending mobile technology and methodology for low-cost extraction of high value oil.

The company found out that it could offer remediation and reclamation services to thoroughly and safely remove oil from oil spill related contaminated soil. In other words, tar sands.

Extensive research was undertaken to develop a combination of benign solvents that could efficiently extract the oil from the sands. The system also had to adapt to the type of surface oil sands deposits.

After several years of enhancing the system’s components and processing systems, VIVK’s engineers finally succeeded and unveiled its first mobile extraction unit in 2015.

It is truly the first of its kind in the world.

There’s no water needed, no fracking, no tailings ponds, and the cleaned sand can go right back where it came from. And, with our Middle East projects, not only does the cleaned sand go right back where it came from, but the entire environment becomes improved and remediated.

The company’s environmentally friendly oil sand separation process removes the hydrocarbon-emitting oil sands, leaving behind only clean dry sand and fresh air.

From here, the sand, which is clean but still damp, is conveyed through a dryer where the extraction fluid is reclaimed.  Meanwhile, the oil/extraction fluid mixture travels to a separate chamber where the oil is separated from the extraction fluid and the extraction fluid is reclaimed.

More importantly, the entire extraction process takes place in a series of sealed chambers so that there are no harmful emissions to the atmosphere!

The extraction fluid reclaimed from both the damp sand and the oil sand is recycled back into the process so that no toxic chemicals are released to soil or the environment.

When the oil sand separation process is complete, the extracted oil is placed into holding tanks to be removed by tanker trucks, and the clean sand is then returned to the mining site.

The company’s extraction technology can produce generally .8 – 1 barrel of oil per cubic yard (~1 ton) of Utah oil sands processed with a low sulfur content (sweet) and a ~35 API (light).  Refineries view these attributes as very advantageous; they actually pay a premium for such oil qualities, which is another huge plus for the company.

VIVK is focused in very specific markets where there is a considerable advantage to utilizing Vivakor’s proprietary, patent-pending technologies and methods for oil extraction and processing of high value resources.

The company’s intellectual properties are industry disruptive (key metrics supported), with a very low cost structure in its operational model; providing a significant advantage in volatile priced markets. There simply aren’t any (expensive) dry holes!

VIVK’s Remediation Processing Centers (RPCs) are based on its patent pending technology for remediation and extraction of hydrocarbons from soil material.

After having conducted multiple, successful pilots in Eastern Utah, the Company is poised to deploy these units throughout the world, providing a solution to the worlds need for clean and environmentally conscious hydrocarbon extraction.

The company operates the RPCs through its VivaVentures Energy Group Inc. division currently operating in Utah as well as Kuwait.


Oil sands are found in many places worldwide and the largest deposits in the world are found in Canada (Alberta) and Venezuela, and much of the rest is found in various countries in the Middle East.

VIVK is definitely paying attention to the Middle East!

The company has commenced the site preparation necessary to commence using Vivakor’s patent pending technology in Kuwait.

Vivakor Middle East has partnered with R&E Petroleum in Kuwait, which is a KOC approved vendor. R&E will be handling all the construction and personnel needs of Vivakor Middle East in Kuwait and has been a very important partner in preparing the company’s patent pending Remediation Processing Center’s technology in that country.

“Vivakor has made incredible progress through this key relationship created with R&E Petroleum, and is pleased to announce that Vivakor Middle East will be partnering with R&E not only in Kuwait but in other Middle East North Africa (MENA) projects. R&E has a footprint not only in Kuwait but in many of the oil producing countries in the region. Vivakor philosophy has always been to seek the right operational partners to maximize the proprietary technology that has been created by the Company,” stated Chief Executive Officer Matt Nicosia.

In October VIVK announced that it has closed its second royalty program for approximately $6 million.

The Royalty II program, later structured to invest in a Utah Opportunity Zone Business, was over-subscribed at $6 million. The funds went to complete the assembly and deployment of a Remediation Processing Center (RPC) containing Vivakor’s proprietary, patent-pending oil extraction technology.

Management expects the RPCII, which is currently being assembled on an open oil sands mine in Eastern Utah, to be completed within 90 days, with revenues anticipated in Q1 2020.

It is anticipated that RPCII will have an hourly processing capacity of 25 tons after deployment and will operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week!


In the past, VIVK share prices have ran from 25 cents to 75 cents in just weeks and offered Gaining Potential of 200%!

The company is providing a very exciting, and potentially very lucrative, investment opportunity through a ground-breaking technology and process that no other oil company in the market is doing.

This may be one of the bigget ground-floor situations in the market with VIVK trading at PENNIES!

Here’s a company approaching oil recovery in a unique way that is environmentally safe for the planet, all while with the potential of creating massive revenues!

With oil prices recently moving higher, VIVK may be one of the most exciting oil plays currently around.

The stock could be ready to see another massive TRIPLE-DIGIT Bounce thanks to its revolutionary technology, red hot momentum chart set up, and an upside of 371%!

Following my most recent alerts that have SCORCHED the markets, making the TV “PROs” look downright silly… are you going to be stuck on the sidelines?

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Alexander Reeves


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