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GDET is Today’s Triple-0 SUBPENNY CBD Alert!

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CBD… this is an arena that is worth paying a lot of attention to as we deal with economic uncertainty and a volatile market situation.

“A lot of these sin businesses – like alcohol, tobacco and cannabis – they hold up better in periods of recession than other traditional businesses,” says Beau Whitney, an Oregon-based economist who has worked for multiple cannabis firms, including New Frontier Data in Washington DC.

From almost nothing, in 2015, the market for consumer sales of hemp-derived CBD products grew to a cool $90 million. A report by the Hemp Business Journal predicts that the CBD consumer market will grow to $2.1 billion this year, with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources.

Some experts have even higher expectations the CBD market. Matt Karnes of Greenwave Advisors, who predicts the CBD market size to reach almost $3 billion by 2021!

Well, combine High Expectations with the 1,000%+ Upside today’s alert has and you have a classic setup for Massive Gains…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since CBD hit the mainstream. A 2013 CNN Special ‘Weed’, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta brought attention to the potential health benefits of CBD to the world. The list of conditions that CBD promises to help treat is very long!

It’s no surprise that many consumers are turning to the cannabis compound. Finding the small cap players today that could be positioned to be big cap leaders of tomorrow is the mission of many.

There is a sub-penny stock quietly trading in the market that is focused on becoming a recognized name in CBD and if the stock wakes up, it could lead to an explosion of colossal gains!

GD Entertainment and Technology, Inc.


GDET focuses on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products nationwide. The company is now solely focused on building the #1 online source for high-quality CBD-based products at

The company recently divested its cryptocurrency mining operations and equipment as well as all assets involved in its cryptocurrency ATM business. Proceeds from the sale of this equipment are being used to improve the Company’s balance sheet and fund future marketing activities designed to expand awareness of The Greenery brand and drive accelerating sales from CBD e-commerce operations.
GDET – A Thin Float and a “BUY” rating from

GDET has a small float of 357,540,494 shares according to

That means there is only around $322,000 worth of stock for traders and investors to buy!

This is a classic setup of supply and demand here, folks. The less there is to go around with a high demand could send shares of GDET soaring.

The stock also has a “Buy” rating from on the Daily Analysis…

.Even better, the stock has received a “STRONG BUY” on its 5 Hour Analysis!

GDET – A Bounce to its 52-week High Could Mean Gains of 1,000%!

GDET offers a tremendous opportunity for enormous potential upside at current share prices.

The stock was trading as high as $0.01 last July!

If share prices were to reach this high again it would represent Quadruple-Digit Gains.

The stock was as high as $0.005 back in November, as high as $0.007 in October, and even as high as $0.0088 in September.

These highs represent gains in the hundreds of percents if GDET were to head back there.

So what could prompt another potential rally?  Keep reading…


GDET – CBD is One of the Fastest Growing Arenas

CBD is being called the next gold rush…

Though these are just three small letters, CBD has amounted to an industry that is worth billions of dollars and is expected to grow immensely as the upward trend in cannabis support continues.

Leading cannabis researchers BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, project that the collective market for CBD sales in the U.S. will surpass $20 billion by 2024. (SOURCE)

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-intoxicating chemical in the cannabis plant and unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not make you high.

CBD is gaining a reputation as as a magical elixir to treat many conditions. As consumers shift away from pharmaceutical companies and look for natural remedies, CBD could be the choice of the future.

GDET management notes that market conditions for CBD-based products continue to present a powerful opportunity.

Brightfield Group research suggests that the overall CBD-related products market grew over 700% in 2019, pushed along by uptake and distribution from mainstream big-brand US retailers (such as Kroger’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid, and others) who began to carry CBD products in plain sight of browsing customers.

This mainstreaming trend is expected to continue in the quarters and years ahead. According to research from MRFR, the global CBD market is estimated to register continued strong growth at a CAGR of 125% from 2019 to 2026.

Some CBD Facts and Stats:

  •  The US CBD market had a growth of 706% in 2019.
  •  91% of Americans are in favor of legalizing cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.
  •  CBD can help treat addiction.
  •  You cannot get addicted to CBD.
  •  The pet CBD market increased by 946% between 2018 and 2019.
  •  CBD online sales make up 60% of the sales channels.
  •  Baby Boomers adore marijuana.
  •  Cannabis Business Times survey found that 40% of Americans are interested in trying CBD.
  •  Many celebrities endorse CBD – Olivia Wilde, Seth Rogan, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and Willie Nelson.



GDET – Hemp Derived CBD Products are Made in the USA

GDET has a label called “The Greenery” which had an official launch date of April 20th, the annual 420 celebration for cannabis liberalization.

The company aims to make this label into a leading company in the CBD market!

With the legalization of hemp farming in the United States under the 2018 Farm Act signed into law by President Trump, GDET’s CBD products are all made in the USA.

The Greenery product line initially consists of four products. Plans call for the product line to expand over time. The first four products are all Made in the USA, Full Spectrum, Kosher, Halal, NON-GMO, ECO Friendly, and Organic. The Greenery is introducing two different softgel cap dosages, one oil and one salve.

Products include softgels, tinctures, skin care, honey, and pet treats.

GDET – What Lies Ahead…

GDET announced recently that it is streamlining operations to focus the full scope of its operational and capital resources more narrowly to maximize long-term top and bottom line performance.

The centerpiece of this focus will be online sales of CBD-based products primarily through store.

Anil Idnani, CEO of GDET, commented, “After analyzing our business model, GDET has undertaken a substantial realignment in operational and strategic focus to maximize returns from our most promising segment: e-commerce primarily centered around CBD-based products through store. This realignment has entailed a series of cost-saving and cash-generating actions that will help to support the growth of the online CBD business by creating and diverting resources that can now be directed toward driving sales growth and customer acquisition.”

The company has closed its physical CBD retail business, further reducing expected expenses to emphasize its highest-margin path to aggressive sales growth. Management notes that the online CBD model represents the long-term future of the Company going forward.

“We have already begun the process of exploring a range of options to drive expanding sales performance,” continued Idnani. “At this point, we are considering a number of strategies, including aggressive marketing investments as well as potential M&A moves designed to widen our end market footprint. We haven’t been this excited about the road ahead in a long time.”



CBD from hemp is Federally Legal. This means all across the nation GDET has a market.

With COVID-19, it was an extremely smart move for the company to now focus on its online sales.

Although hemp and marijuana are similar, the biggest difference is the CBD:THC ratio. Marijuana has a lower percentage of CBD and a higher concentration of THC than hemp.

This is why hemp-derived CBD products do not come with that “high” effect.  More and more people are getting curious about CBD and its benefits knowing that they won’t get high using it.

According to a Gallup poll, 14% of adult Americans admitted taking CBD last year. This number is expected to get a lot higher as more consumers learn the medicinal and wellness benefits of this cannabidiol.

Do you think Starbuck was as globally known as it is today for coffee at the beginning? GDET is an emerging player that could become widely recognized!

With a thin float and sub-penny prices, the upside is absolutely monstrous sitting at OVER 1,000%!

Hurry and do your own research at: and

Warm Regards,

Alexander Reeves



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